History of "Run Randy Run"


How I came up with the "RunRandyRun" domain name is an interesting (at least to me) little story.

In the latter months of 2005, I had come to the realization that I was going to be running for Governor of Illinois.  But before I made any official declaration, I wanted to run the idea past Constitution Party national leadership.  I got one reply from Cal Zastrow (who was at the time the National Field director) which said:

"Run Randy Run"

That's it; nothing else; just "Run Randy Run."  Almost instantly I knew that would become my domain name.  So in the latter part of 2005, I purchased the domain "RunRandyRun.com" and I have maintained that domain name ever since.

Since purchasing the domain name, I have run for:

  • 2006 - Governor of Illinois
  • 2010 - U.S. Senate
  • 2012 - CP National Chairman (Became National Vice-Chairman
  • 2016 - CP National Chairman (Became Midwest Regional Chairma