One of the problems for the Constitution Party is that we have never established a beachhead.

Beachhead 1In military terms, a beachhead is an area that is the first objective of landing on an enemy shore.  It is a secure initial position that has been gained and can be used for further advancement.  Another word for beachhead is “foothold.”

When establishing a beachhead, there are three primary factors to take into consideration:

  1. Where will the beachhead be established?
  2. Who will be the focal point (spear head) in establishing the beachhead?
  3. Who will be the supporting forces and what will their roles be?

When determining where the beachhead will be established, usually one of two factors will outweigh the other.  It will either be where the enemy is the weakest or where we have the easiest access.

When determining who will establish the beachhead, usually the unit that has the best chance of creating the beachhead.

Before we can win the war, i.e. get a Constitution Party candidate elected, we must establish a beachhead from which we can move into the enemy territory.

What do I mean by establishing a beachhead in the Constitution Party?  What I mean is that we as a national organization will be working to get one person elected in each of 4 major offices: State Representative, State Senator, Congressional Representative and a Senator.

Beachhead 2Once a beachhead is established in any of the four offices or even better, all of them, no longer will people say, “a third party can’t win” because we will have proved to them that we can.  And like a snowball rolling down hill, it will grow very quickly.  But we have to get the initial snowball rolling down the hill and that’s where establishing a beachhead comes in.

If you elect me as your chairman, I will be holding two breakout sessions for our state chairman; one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  In the morning we will lay out the strategy for establishing the beachheads and then in the afternoon we will decide where the beachheads will be established and maybe even fill in the who.  The time between the morning and the afternoon sessions will be an opportunity for the state chairmen to talk amongst themselves and then come back to the afternoon session ready to make a decision where the beachheads will be established.  In other words, deciding which of the four offices will be focused on in which state.

This is somewhat similar to the idea that the Constitution Party had with the “Key Races.”  There is a major difference though however, the idea of the beachhead establishment will NOT be publically broadcast.  We DO NOT want the enemy (the Republican and Democrat parties) to know what we are up to.

Further, this must be a concerted effort, supported by every Constitution Party affiliate in the nation.  Because just like in a war, if the other units don’t do their job in drawing off the enemy fire, the enemy can then concentrate their fire on where we are trying to establish the beachhead and destroy our efforts.

Beachhead 3If we have state affiliates that either do not do their part or feel that they are somehow being jilted, we are never going to get this party off the ground.

I have every intention of ensuring that we at least elect one candidate in each of the four major offices in 2014.  If we plan our strategy well enough, we might even see multiple wins all across this nation.  But it will not happen without fully preparing and then executing as a team.

I look forward to hearing from you on this topic as we need to make sure everyone fully understands the necessity of establishing a beachhead and then making plans for the attack.