If there is one thing you can be certain of, RANDY IS PRO-CONSTITUTION!  In other words, he believes in upholding “The Supreme Law of the Land.”

Randy can be described as an “originalist,” which is not far from being a strict constructionalist.  While the strict construction of the Constitution is important, the 85 Federalist Papers (that were authored by John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison) give us a fuller understanding of what the original intent of the framers were.

He believes that the Constitution of the United States is the foundation upon which the greatest nation to ever exist on this earth was created.  It is NOT a living document which can be changed at any whim, but a document that is based on timeless principles that are concrete and do not change.

Further, he believes in the Constitution as our founding fathers intended.  To this end, he believes that there have been amendments to the constitution that have deteriorated this intent and have eroded the rights of Americans (such as the 14th, 16th and 17th Amendments).

It was not only the erosion of the 1st Amendment that brought Randy to the political arena, but the complete violation of the “freedom ‘OF’ religion and the ‘free exercise’ thereof.”

The federal government is stanching and violating the boundaries of the Constitution to the point where it is virtually hard to imagine what a Constitutional form of government would look like.  In fact, because the federal government has been in such a unconstitutional status for so long, the country would be in complete chaos, if it were to become constitutional over night.

The following areas are just instances to reflect on how the federal government is violating the Constitution.

  • Hate Speech/Crimes – 1st Amendment
  • Prayer out of school – 1st Amendment
  • Gun Control – 2nd Amendment
  • Property Rights – 4th & 5th Amendments
  • The Patriot Act – 4th Amendment
  • The NDAA (Parts of) – 5th Amendment