While not all inclusive, these are issues that are important and most people want to know how Randy stands on them.

One of the most important things to understand about the issues and how Randy stands (and) has stood upon them, you will not find him flip-floppy, depending on how the wind blows.  Randy’s stance is based upon Constitutional principles and morals that are based upon Biblical precepts.

Please click on the menu item on the right for the issues that are relevant to you and find out how Randy stands on each of the issues.

      Pro Life (100%)


      Pro Traditional Family


      Accountability / Integrity


      Health Care

      Audit the Fed


      Illegal Immigration

      Campaign Reform


      Judicial Tyranny

      Capital Punishment


      Limited Government



      National Defense



      National ID






      State Sovereignty

      Farming / Agriculture



      Global Warming


      Tort Reform




      Gun Rights



NOTE 1:  If there are other issues that you would like to know where Randy stands on them, or have suggestion of other issues that you think should be addressed,  please click the [ Feedback ] button above and leave Randy a message about your question.

NOTE 2:  There are many issues, both state and federal that Randy addresses on his "Constitutionally Correct" website that you may want to check out.