When you place someone in charge of your livelihood, your home, your family, your faith, what level of dedication do you wish in such persons? If these are things that are near and dear to your heart, do you want to put someone in charge that is so-so, just in it for the money, doing it for the notoriety, or there just because they have nowhere else to go?


Do you want the person that is as dedicated to taking care of these things as much as you are?

You know what I speak of.

It is that level of commitment that can’t be bought.

There have been those of us that have joined, with varying degrees of commitment, the Constitution Party, or perhaps we are patriots working alongside the party. We probably do so because we have this understanding of the party platform and the ideals it stands for.

Our party has a platform as no other political party in these United States of America.

Our National Convention is in Nashville, and is coming up in less than 30 days. We will be choosing persons as our national party nominees, such as our Presidential candidate. Also, we are to elect those that will hold party positions, like our new national staff.

Namely, this letter is addressing our selection of the new National Chairman.

I have some observations about one such candidate --> Randy Stufflebeam.

I am fortunate to have met, spoken and worked with Randy on numerous occasions, building the party.

He has been with the party, a very active member and leader, since 2003. Randy has held state offices in Illinois, and is now naturally seeking his next role as our new National Chairman.

The party has truly been his full time occupation for quite a while.

When not running the organization as IL state chairman, he has been actually running for offices of IL Governor, and US IL Senator.

I can promise you, that not only did he serve his nation as a Marine for over 20 years, but since 2003 has been tireless in working to restore liberty to our nation. His full commitment to his family, community, nation and creator, drive his commitment to making the party no less than a real force of positive change.

This is what we need to from our party leadership in order to counter the unchecked damage being inflicted by the Democrat and Republican parties, for far too long now.

His goal, his mission; simple --> Get qualified CP people elected.

What else is National supposed to be there for?

He is an educator on the proper interpretation and application of the US Constitution.

He has an unapologetic support and belief in our party platform.

He is, in short, PASSONATE, to serve the cause of liberty. Anyone who meets him, or sees him in action, knows this to be true.

So go ahead, read his blogs, peruse his web sites, and just listen to any number of radio shows his has done. You will find his stated mission undeniable.

I will not be attending Nashville, unless some unforeseen circumstance places me there. I ask those that will be in attendance, especially those with a vote in the convention elections, please seriously consider Randy for position of National Chairman.

It has to be someone of his caliber, that can bring back the passion, cut through the non-sense and move our party forward.

To those that are party members, you know that our freedom must be secured now. NOW is the time for the Constitution Party to rise to this challenge and as his website states, I believe that Randy has been placed here "for such a time as this."

Our nation doesn’t have the luxury of another decade of status quo politics.

We must act now.

We need someone with the vision, passion, and dedication to be that guiding force. This person will need to be there to not only direct, but support, the local and state organizations, to indeed reform us into that powerful national association as we were intended to be upon our founding.

Sort of sounds a lot like a description of our nation, huh?

Well, this is the only way to fix it, the only hope for liberty.

Randy Stufflebeam is the right person, at the right time, to push us ahead so we can affect real change in our party, and thus in our government.

I fear the results will be far less productive with someone else that lacks Randy’s experience, vision, and Passion.

I am not on Randy’s campaign team. None of this was solicited by him.

I just felt passionate enough to tell you what I have seen in someone that I know will turn our party around.

The time for meekness is over, and Randy is the catalyst to light the fire.

~~ Scott Miller, Sunday, April 1, 2012