National Committee Meetings


Every four years it is the National Convention that is the superior body that determines the direction of the party.  But it is the National Committee that provides the leadership to move the party in that direction. 

I have a vision for how the National Committee Meetings need to be conducted.  It is important to utilize the limited and precious resources of time, talent, and treasure effectively.   One of the most important functions of the national committee is to be a model for the state parties to emulate, so that they can be a model for the county parties to emulate.


Breakout Sessions

In the future there will be at a bare minimum of having at least two breakout sessions.

  • State Chairmen Breakout Session - conducted by the National Chairman

  • County Chairmen Breakout Session - conducted by the National Vice-Chairman

In addition to the chairman breakouts, there will be other specialized breakouts, such as:

  • Fundraising at the state and county levels

  • Creating (and capitalize on) Media Events

Aside from the chairmen breakouts, none of the meetings will be held conjunctively, so that everyone can get the information that is pertinent to them.


Candidate Training

There is an art and a science to running a successful campaign.  So many people have become candidates because of a particular issue that is burning in their heart.  That passion is crucial for being a candidate.  But there is a lot more involved to WINNING AN ELECTION than just being passionate about an issue(s).

So often, we have awesome people armed with little more than pitchforks and torches willing to charge the enemy equipped with machine guns and artillery.  If we, as a party, are ever going to have a true chance of winning the battlefield, we are going to have to prepare our folks for the battle and arm them with weapons that can withstand the fight.

We need to teach our candidates:

  • Run a campaign (create a winning strategy)

  • Organize a campaign (putting the right people in the right place)

  • Raise money (It’s the life blood of any organization)

  • Articulate winning issue (how to connect with the people you want to vote for you)

One of the events that can be provided for is a candidate forum, so party members can get to know the candidates.



Certainly, one of the more attractive features of the National Committee Meeting is having great speakers to inform and motivate.  Having a keynote speaker is usually a highlight and a great way to conclude the meeting.

We will be careful in selecting out keynote speaker, such that if they come from outside the party, it is because they bring a particular expertise that would be of benefit to the party and its members.  NEVER, will the keynote speaker be a candidate stumping, regardless of whether from within or without the party.